JeongEuddeum 이미지

Jeong, Euddeum(Darlene) / Human Resources& General affairs General Manager

Jeong, Euddeum has strong qualitative and quantitative analysis skills while working as a sales report and analysis manager for major airlines, hotels, destination, and transportation account of foreign travel business over 6 years. In this role she is responsible for focusing on conveying an analytical foundation to business concerns and unforeseen business opportunities analytics focus goes beyond pulling data and crunching numbers. It includes anticipating, evaluating and preparing to tackle complex business problems through meaningful and actionable business analysis and insights. This will involve structuring the problems, extracting and analyzing data, presenting the findings and making recommendations to support decision making. She is in charge of overall responsibility for the production, management and processing of useful data for sales activities, and also has a responsibility to supervise the settlement work related to the HQ. # of years in Classification : 6 years

Work Experience

  • 2019 - Up to Presen Manager for Sales Report and Analysis at Meebang & TAMS Inc.